What if people across faith traditions came together to celebrate our individual beliefs, learn about one another, and work together to change the world? The TCU Interfaith Initiative gathers students who desire to do just that!  There are a number of ways students can get connected on campus, such as joining the Better Together Campaign participating in the interfaith movement off-campus through the Spring Break Service & Study Trip, and through experiencing interfaith dialogue through programs on campus.

Are you intrigued by the prospect of building common ground between yourself and people of other backgrounds?

Are you seeking a supportive community in which you are free to explore your own beliefs and expand your understanding of what others believe?


Then TCU Better Together is the right place for you! 

TCU Better Together, part of the TCU Interfaith Initiative, is an intentional interfaith student religious organization that focuses on building community across faith boundaries amongst our students, engaging in interfaith experiences through visiting local places of worship from a variety of religious traditions, and through partnering together in our service to others.  All are welcome, all are accepted, no exceptions.  It’s our hope that by doing this amazing work we will show the world around us that we are in fact better together.

To explore more about the TCU Interfaith Initiative and its partners, find us on Facebook, visit one of our partners online, or contact Todd email.


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